Precautions for packing machine

1. Select the packing machine according to the product

The box loader you choose should match your product. For example, if the product is free-flowing (granular or loose), you may want to choose a vertical box loader. For both vertical and horizontal loading products, the best choice of horizontal equipment. Most of the box loading machines on the market are horizontal loading, compared with vertical box loading machines they are more flexible, lower cost.

2. Determine the maximum packing speed

The first thing to check is whether the packing is done on the production line or offline. For on-line speed, divide the maximum production speed of the product by the number of product packages in each carton, and then consider overload capacity (the possibility of increasing production speed through new processes or technologies). For offline speeds, determine daily, weekly or monthly shipping quotas and make sure to use real days of the week or hours of the day to calculate how many cartons can be loaded per minute.

3. Selection of materials

Are you using raw cardboard (new fiber, more expensive) or recycled material (cheaper)? Poor quality materials will definitely affect the packing quality. You should also consider the cover plate and gluing format design of the carton, which should be prepared in advance, instead of solving this problem after the equipment has been delivered to the site.

Post time: Oct-22-2022
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