The use of automatic multifunctional box packing machine

1. Can be used in food industry, such as: ice cream, egg roll, bread, bag

Coffee, mixing bag, milk powder, etc.;

2. Can be used in the Japanese goods industry, such as: toothpaste, soap, cosmetics,

Facial mask, cream, lip balm, mosquito coil incense, etc.

3. Can be used in hardware industry, such as: bearing, light bulb, switch, plug

Seat, relay, charger, etc.;

4. It can be used in auto parts industry, such as spark plug, filter, piston

Ring, car light bulb, car electrical appliances, etc.;

5. Can be used in plastic industry, such as: plastic film, disposable film hand

Sets, plastic products, etc.;

6. Can be used in the entertainment industry, such as: pen, stapler, staple,

Printing paste, glue, modification liquid, playing cards, puzzles, toys, work

Crafts, etc.;

7. Can be used for household paper box, such as: paper towel,

Towels, pads, cotton pads, etc.;

8. Can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, drug plate, oral liquid, bottle, bottle, bag particles, paste,Ointment, aerosol, etc

Post time: Oct-21-2022
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