The working principle of automatic cartoning machine

In modern industry, automated production has become an inevitable trend of industrial development. It can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises and bring more benefits to enterprises. For example, in the charging process of modern enterprises, fully automatic cartoning machines have been used to replace manual work, which has become a popular equipment in enterprises.

The automatic cartoning machine is an automatic loading equipment suitable for packaging products. Its use can shorten the loading and stacking time, reduce labor intensity, reduce cargo damage, reduce loading costs, and improve work efficiency, thereby realizing the automation of the bagged material loading process.

The feeding of the automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three entrances: manual entrance, medicine bottle entrance and packing box entrance. The whole process from box entry to final packaging can be roughly divided into four stages: box placement, opening, filling and closing.

Typically, the suction cups suck the carton from the carton infeed and then descend to the carton loading mainline. The carton is fixed by the rail clamping position and opened by the push plate. At the same time, two movable clamping positions will be raised from below to clamp the sides of the carton from front to back, opening the carton at a right angle and moving forward to the loading area. After filling the filling area, the machine mechanism folds the ears into the left and right rails and closes the cover. Before closing the lid, the mechanism will first flex the carton’s tongue, then a push plate will push the carton lid to flex so that the tongue can be inserted into the box and the lock can be secured. The finishing action is a key action, and the completion is closely related to the structure of the carton and the precision of the machine adjustment.

Post time: Sep-08-2022
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