What are the factors that affect the packaging effect of the cartoning machine?

Everyone knows that the cartoning machine is an essential step in the packaging of automatic packaging and forming equipment. However, the cartoning machine is not perfect. It is also an automatic equipment that can cause some packaging forming problems due to some factors. So today we will talk about the effect of affecting the packaging of the cartoning machine.

First, we should pay attention to the opening performance of the carton. The opening methods and actions of different cartoning machines are also different. Some cartoning machines have their own mechanism to assist in opening the carton. The carton can be pre-folded first to facilitate the reduction of the machine required for opening the carton. Strength to prevent the box from deforming due to excessive squeezing. If there is no such mechanism on the cartoning machine, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer when producing the carton, and the carton must be pre-folded.

Second, if it is a glue spray cartoning machine, that is, a machine that needs to be sprayed with glue on one side of the carton, and a machine that needs to be folded on the other side or needs to be sprayed with glue on both sides. Then pay attention to whether the glue sprayed is the right amount. Too much glue sprayed will cause internal sticking. The so-called internal sticking is the product that sticks to the carton because of too much glue; and too little sprayed glue will cause The carton is falsely glued. As the name suggests, the carton is pretended to be pasted. In fact, the carton will open after the carton is packaged or sold, which means that the glue is not firm.

Third, the moisture-proof work of the carton is also very important. The paper will easily absorb moisture in the natural environment, and its moisture content, the humidity of the air and the time of exposure have become a relationship of growth in the same direction. The moisture content of the paper is closely related to the stiffness of the paper, so it is necessary to protect the paper from moisture.

Fourth, the debugging of the cartoning machine. The adjustment of the cartoning machine is generally debugged by the staff of the manufacturer, because the customer’s employees have limited ability to adjust the machine action according to the structure of the carton, which will cause the cartoning machine to jam during the working process. In the final analysis, the operation of the machine is not the same as the structure of the carton, so we need the staff of our factory to adjust the machine again and again according to the customer’s sample to match the structure of the carton. Of course, if necessary, the structure of the carton needs to be changed in order to adapt to the action of the machine, and then the problem can be solved.

Post time: Oct-28-2022
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